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Thoughts and discussion on kettlebell training, strength and conditioning, Olympic lifting, fat loss, getting healthy and fit, NMT, core training, Pilates, mobility and anything else that goes with the above.

Pressing the Kettlebell

Published on 19th Feb 2010 at 15:26 by Admin

Rack the kettlebell like you did for the Front Squat. Tighten your loaded shoulder, recruit your lat and drop your shoulder. Brace and inhale to prepare. On the partial exhalation, press the kettlebell to an overhead straight arm position. Keep your body stable through the press.

The shoulder should rotate internally as you press the kettlebell overhead, so at the top position your palm, if opened would be waving at somebody facing you and the bulk of the kettlebell behind you.

Lower the kettlebell slowly or use a knee dip to rack the kettlebell then repeat. Do equal reps each side.

Alternatively you can use the Push Press. After racking the kettlebell, bend your knees and hips slightly to prepare. Inhale, brace, then pop your hips and straighten your legs, as you punch the kettlebell to an overhead straight arm position. Rack and repeat for quality reps.

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