We promote real strength & fitness training that gets real results.

FFI™ tutors have been involved in teaching health and fitness instructors for over 22 years, so you can be sure that you will be taught by experienced teachers of strength, health and fitness.

Become an Instructor

Function & Fitness Ireland FFI™, school of fitness, strength, conditioning and corrective exercise, run professional fitness instructor / personal training courses. FFI™ specialise in Personal Training, Strength & Conditioning S&C, Olympic Weightlifting, Hardstyle Kettlebells, Power clubbells, Pilates & Corrective exercise, for health, fitness and strength professionals.

FFI™ are one of Irelands leading authorities in strength, fitness, and Pilates / corrective exercise training. FFI™ grew from Kettlebellsireland KBI. KBI were the first to offer group hardstyle kettlebells training & certification courses in Ireland.

FFI™ have run courses and workshops in Ireland, Malta and have worked with 10 times world Brazilian Jiu Jitsu champion Roger Gracie and his academy in London.

FFI™ is the top school for students to gain qualifications in corrective exercise, rehab, health, fitness and strength.

Personal Training Sessions

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Fitness or Rehabilitation / Corrective Exercise

Function: We can correct weak movement patterns, rehab injuries, get you moving pain free and help you to perform better in your sporting environment.

Fitness: We will train you with intelligent and help you get more mobile, stronger and powerful.

All of our sessions at FFI will help you get Mobile, Strong and Fit. Our high intensity sessions will help you reduce body fat and tone up.

FFI also specialise in over 60's training sessions too.

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With over 22 years of experience, we still see people training, but moving incorrectly. People moving with bad movement patterns are just reinforcing bad movement patterns.

Our ethos at FFI is that mobility should precede endurance, strength and power. Yes we can train these goals side by side, but in most cases, mobility should be the main focus all of the time.

Your FFI personal training sessions with us can combine kettlebells, barbells, power club bells and Pilates / Yoga based body weight movements. As your trainer is also a physical therapist, you are always assessed during movement and corrected if need be. We will fix bad movement patterns.

We don't believe in letting the client move for the sake of movement.

Athletic Developement and Performance

At FFI™ we specialise in Athletic Developement / Performance, training people and athletes with our unique methods.

Coupled with scientific training, we also use corrective exercise and rehabilitation based training when we train you. We are always identifying where you are weak, tight or stuck in movement patterns and aim to improve your weaknesses.

Your FFI™ coaches are trainers of personal trainers and health / fitness instructors also, so you can be sure of quality, safety and care in our classes and courses.

Your head coaches are also Neuromuscular and Physical Therapist tutors with over 22 years of experience in teaching.

You know you are in safe hands and can trust, Function & Fitness Ireland FFI™ teachers. 

FFI™ grew from kettlebellsireland KBI. We started teaching health and fitness in 1997 and continue to grow and evolve our methods.

In 2007 we decided to start a revolution in how fitness is taught in Ireland. Our revolution continues.

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