FFI™ Power Clubs Qualifications

FFI™ Power Clubs S&C Qualification

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This 2 day strength & conditioning FFI™ power clubs course is designed to show S&C, Fitness or Camogie / Hurling coaches how to teach FFI™ Power Clubs movements to their teams and athletes, in a safe and effective manner. This course will also show Fitness Professionals how to teach FFI™ power clubs movements to the general public in a safe and effective manner. This course will focus on technical and instructional skills for the FFI™power clubs movements.

FFI™ Power clubs techniques focus on high tension, strength, power production, mobility, stability, endurance and relaxation. FFI™ methods also focus on corrective exercise and quality of movement.

The course will be taught by skilled FFI™ Power Club tutors.

Course suitability

  • Personal Trainers
  • Strength and Conditioning Coaches
  • Kettlebell Teachers
  • Golf coaches
  • GAA, Camogie / Hurling coaches
  • Tennis / racquet sports coaches
  • Athletic trainers
  • Pilates / yoga teachers
  • Fitness professionals
  • Soccer, Rugby or other sports coaches
  • Physical therapists / Rehabilitation therapists
  • Corrective exercise specialists
  • Physical Education teachers
  • Non Fitness Professionals / Teachers (See below in Requirements)

The following is what the course will offer you:

  • A 62 page full colour book of the movements covered and more
  • The history of the clubs and why use them
  • The benefits of FFI™ power clubs movements
  • Safety in using FFI™ power clubs
  • Suitability in using FFI™ power clubs and contra-indications
  • Theory and practical sessions
  • Effective teaching skills
  • Verbal and visual demonstrations
  • Over 20 FFI™ power clubs movements and variations
  • Correct posture and body alignment details
  • Study kinesiology
  • Correct technical guidelines for teaching the FFI™ power clubs movements
  • How to spot and fix poor techniques
  • Safe and effective progressions and modifications
  • Kinetic closed chain movements
  • Dynamic Range of Movement (DROM) warm ups
  • Body weight, strength and mobility drills
  • Postural assessment skills
  • The importance of Dynamic stabilization in movement
  • Demonstrations and feedback of all the movements
  • Programme design, how to put together a FFI™ power clubs class
  • Sample workout programmes
  • How to prepare for FFI™ power clubs examination
  • Information on online marketing, advertising, self promotion etc.

FFI™ Power Clubs movements covered

  • Picking up the power clubs
  • 2 handed swing
  • 1 handed swing
  • 2 handed forward swing and clean
  • 1 handed forward swing and clean
  • 2 handed swing and chop
  • 1 handed swing and chop
  • 2 handed Halo’s
  • 2 handed halo with spine twist
  • 2 handed inward lateral swing
  • 1 handed inward lateral swing
  • 2 handed outward lateral swing
  • 1 handed outward lateral swing
  • 2 handed mill
  • 1 handed mill
  • shoulder rack
  • shoulder rack with squat
  • shoulder rack with lunge
  • walking lunges with halos
  • barbarian squat


Full fee €399.00

All fees must be paid in full before the course begins. We have no credit card facility at the venue.


Combined Kettlebells & Power Clubs courses

Participants may take this course as a workshop only and forgo testing. Participants wishing to receive certification will have to partake in written and practical exams.

Power Clubs courses

Participants should be Camogie / Hurling coaches or hold valid teaching credentials recognised by FFI™ eg: FFI Kettlebell or Olympic weightlifting S&C qualification, NCEF, ITEC, NQEHS or equivalent, be free from injury and be suitable for vigorous testing.

There will be  written and practical exams.

Participants will be required to wear suitable clothing and footwear. Flat soled runners ideally, eg. Converse or similar. Bring a few changes of clothing and drinking water.


On the second day of the course, participants will be tested in power clubs techniques and over the weekend will be tested on instructional skills and course material.

There will also be a final video exam. Participants will be required to upload an 8-10 minutes maximum, private youtube HD video, then send it to FFI™ for viewing and assessment.

Details of the video content will be discussed at the course. The video should be completed within 2-6 months of your course date. If the video is suitable and the student has met all requirements, the video may be posted publicly.

Participants will complete 4 separate one to one case studies. Each case study should consist of 6 x sessions per case study, over a 6 week period. All sessions to be documented and to include a Par Q for each client.



All students will receive the manuals, as part of their course. If you are interested in purchase of the manuals without attending any of our courses, please visit our books section, by clicking here.

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