FFI™ Personal Training Offer

Rathfarnham village area

Train twice per week minimum in your home or our studio (coming soon)

Course price: 8 sessions €240

Strip away unwanted body fat using free weights, Kettlebells, body weight and or Power Club-bells. Follow a healthy eating plan with your personal training course.

Get into the greatest shape of your life. 


FFI™ Corporate Classes

If you have a group interested in your workplace, we may be able to bring our FFI™ classes to your venue. 30-40 minute early morning, lunchtime or after work classes twice per week.

  • FFI™ Body Flow : A mixture of Body weight mobility and strength movements
  • FFI™ Pilates : Stretch tight muscles and strengthen your full body & core
  • FFI™ Hardstyle Kettlebells : Using kettlebells to mobilise and strengthen the full body

About FFI™ Body Flow Classes

This FFI body weight class mixes movements to stretch, mobilise and strengthen the full body. If you are stuck at a desk for 8 hours per day, you will need this type of class. You will unwind and stretch those tight muscles. We combine Pilates and Yoga type movements that will have you feeling loose, flexible and strong.

About Lunchtime or evening kettlebellsireland™ classes

When you sign up for our evening or lunchtime FFI™ Kettlebellsireland™ classes, all new members will partake in a beginners course of classes during the month.

This course will be an introduction to our methods. You will be screened and over the course of classes you will be shown our movements using Kettlebells, body weight movements and any other equipment that we use at that venue.

If you have experience in using kettlebells etc. you may progress into a training level that suits you. After session 1 we can make that decision for you.

You will train once or twice per week minimum. That can be up to 8 classes per month. Over the next couple of months, we aim to add more class options to our schedule. Your feedback is always welcome.

Your following courses will be a progression from your fundamental first course. You will continue to learn new movements and gradually progress in intensity to achieve your training goals.

Terms and Conditions

  • All members sign up and pay for their full course on the first day
  • When you sign up for a course, it's up to you to make all classes
  • Missed classes cannot be carried forwards to the next course
  • Please arrive early for your classes so as not to miss the warm up
  • Wear the correct footwear and clothing, talk to us about this.
  • Listen to your instructor, they are there to help you
  • These classes are for the general public, not fitness instructors etc.
  • Please avoid talking during training and concentrate
  • Always be safe and pay attention during classes
  • Make sure you have fun :)


Flat soled runners ideally (Converse or similar), tracksuit bottoms / shorts and a T shirt, a towel and a bottle of water.

All people should be free from injury and not pregnant before attending FFI workshops or classes. If you have a major injury, get your GP or Physiotherapist clearance before attending. If unsure, contact us to discuss your injury.


Manuals are not mandatory to participate in classes or workshops. However, if you are interested in the purchase of our manuals, please visit our books section, by clicking here.

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