Benefits of courses and qualifications offered by FFI™

By selecting an FFI™ course, you are choosing to study with the leading school in strength, fitness and health in Ireland and abroad. Having successfully gained your chosen qualification, you will have achieved a high level of expertise in that field, be extremely competent as an instructor and be an asset to the general public in administering a safe and effective training regime.

Why the best trainers choose Function and Fitness Ireland™

FFI™ has become the leading school in Ireland and also abroad, where people turn to us for qualifications and support in S&C and fitness.

We have worked with 10 times Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu champion Roger Gracie and his academy in the UK.

We are currently offering courses in Ireland and Malta. Our tutors are trained to teach trainers/instructors. Our senior tutors have been teaching health and fitness instructors since 1998, so you are sure of experience with us.

At FFI™ we focus on ensuring that our students know how to teach properly and focus on perfecting techniques. We believe that perfect practise, makes perfect.

Get your instructors qualified by us. If you want us to run a FFI™ instructor course at your gym anywhere in the world, contact us now.

What our customers say about our courses and instructors:

"Really enjoyed the course, was learning all the time and i was never bored. Would definitely recommend this course and our tutors Shane and Fiona."
- Yvonne Nolan, Galway

"Great intensive 2 day course, delivered by expert knowledge, i can leave knowing i can be a confident KB instructor."
- Seamus Biggane, Cork

"I found the course very informative and enjoyable. I really enjoy the emphasis that the course places on praqctical teaching and the instructors own fitness level and ability to perform exercises - fitness industry does not do this enough."
- Paudie Carey, Tipperary

"I found the course was very well delivered with very good and detailed information. I had also done the reebok course and found this (FFI) course 10 times better."
- David Fitzpatrick, Galway

"Extremely good teaching skills on explaining each kettlebell lift. I found it very educating on how to show beginners from scratch without being too technical which was my biggest concern."
- Maggie Magee, Laois (GS Kettlebell Champion)

"Excellent experience from instructor, easy and approachable and gives time to answer my questions. Excellent teching points and enjoyed the experience."
- Rob Cassidy, Clare (S&C Coach)

Currently available

FFI™ Qualifications

Become a qualified instructor to teach and run your own personal or group classes. Gain authority and credibility to further your fitness career and provide more value to your clients.

In-House FFI instructor courses: FFI kettlebells, weightlifting, clubbells or Pilates level 1 courses.

Minimum of 5 instructors needed. This offer is open to gyms only.

FFI™ Tutors

The courses will be taught by FFI™ SCAI™ tutors. Our tutors are trained teachers, not just instructors. We have skills in how to teach trainers.

FFI™ SCAI™ tutors have been involved in teaching health and fitness instructors for over 21 years, so you can be sure that you will be taught by experienced teachers of strength, health and fitness.

Course Manuals

All students will receive the manuals, as part of their course. If you are interested in purchase of the manuals without attending any of our courses, please visit our books section, by clicking here.

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