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1 Way to Train 10 Quickie

Published on 3rd May 2010 at 12:10 by Admin

A Monday Bank Holiday Quickie!

Just had a back off week, did a lot of lifting during the week, but it was of the gardening and skip filing kind, so today i started to build back up in training volume. So here is my Monday Bank Holiday Quickie.

Warmed up using D.R.O.M. some 24 swings 5,5,

24K Swing x 50, rest 50 swings (alternated every 10 and 5,5,)

32k x 50 Swings (13,13,12,12,) rest, repeat.

24k Snatch practise x 40 (10,10, rest, 7,7, rest, 3,3,)

Quickie finished :)

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