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1 Way to Train 11 (21's)

Published on 18th May 2010 at 08:27 by Admin


Ensure you seek instruction from a qualified kettlebell instructor before attempting this workout. Not suitable for complete beginners.

Use a kettlebell that you can do a TGU with,or you may switch different weights, but avoid taking too long to switch kettlebells. eg: you might use a 12kg for the clean, squat and press, then swith over to an 8kg for the TGU.

Warm up using D.R.O.M.

Take 1 kettlebell on the left,

clean x 5

Squat x 5

Swing x 5

Press x 5

1 TGU (starting from standing)

Rest, then repeat on the right.

Do as many rounds as possible with good form and reduce your rest periods session by session.

This is a high Muscular endurance set, so women use an 8kg or 12kg and men use a 16kg or 20kg to start with.

Have fun and let me know what you think?

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