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1 Way to Train 4 P.P.P.

Published on 11th Mar 2010 at 12:58 by Admin

Ensure you have been shown how to do these movements properly by a qualified kettlebell instructor. You may substitute the weight of the kettlebell to suit your level.

My P.P.P. workout

I call this the P.P.P. workout because it involvees doing Pistols, Presses and Pull up's and maybe wetting your pants afterwards???? :)

Warm up, using D.R.O.M and some body weight drills to get the blood flowing. I would do some 16kg kettlebell front squats 5x5 to warm up also.

Weighted box pistol (16kg) 1 left, 1 right, kettlebell military press (2 x 20kg), 1 ring pull up. You could add some jogging in between the stations for active rest. Small rest and repeat, doing 2 of each, continue up to 5. That will be your first pyramid up. Repeat the pyramid 1-5 again 3-5 more times.

If you don't have rings to pull up do another pull, like Deadlift, Cleans, or Swings, high pulls or snatches (they are pulls). If you can't do strict military presses, use push presses or Jerks. The pistols should be down to a box or seat where your thigh is parallel with the ground

Cooldown by walking around top bring your heart rate down and do some light stretching.

Now go eat.

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