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1 Way to Train 6 Kettlebells and calorie burn

Published on 23rd Mar 2010 at 18:51 by Admin

Heart Rate Training with the Kettlebell

Today i rooted out my heart rate monitor to experiment a little bit in my kettlebell training. I haven't used it at all with my kettlebell training, but wil for the next few sessions. I entered my age and weight into the watch and it had my training between 80 & 160 BPM! It would beep if i went above or below the numbers, in between is fine. Set your H.R. monitor up for you!

Warmed up using D.R.O.M., some body weight drills and jogging etc. Seek instruction from a Qualified kettlebell instructor before attempting this workout. You may use alternative kettlebell weights that suit you.

24kg Military Press or Push Press, 5 left, 5 right

Walk forwards to a 32kg kettlebell and 5 front squats hold the bell by the horns!

Walk forwards to Olympic rings or bar and dp 3-5 body weight pull ups

That is 1 round. My goal was to keep my H.R. under 160bpm (it will be different for you) So if it climbed up above i would walk a few paces until it dropped down to about 153 or so, then i would do the next movement. Your goal is to complete 10 rounds of presses, squats and pull ups.

I calculated time and clas burned in the last round, it took 2 minutes 36 seconds and the claories burned was 33k/cal.

So my mini session took about 25 minutes and the calories burned were roughly 330+

So if i had exercised for longer, say 50 minutes i was looking at 660+ k/cals for my session, not bad for 3 movements and low reps would you agree?

Now as i said i am just experimenting with it, i will do a VO2 MAX Snatch workout soon to see how that goes, i will let you know how many k/cals i burned.

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