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1 way to Train  7 Kettlebell pressing

Published on 30th Mar 2010 at 13:46 by Admin

Improve your Pressing Strength

Seek instruction from a qualified kettlebell trainer before attempting this workout. You may choose a kettlebell that suits you. Use a weight that you could press 8 times to failure.

Warm up using D.R.O.M. and some lighter push presses/Jerks, and cleans.

Clean your kettlebell to the rack position, tense your quads, glutes and ab's as you inhale. Exhale partially as you Military press the kettlebell to the overhead position. Inhale lower and repeat on the other side.

Next set do 2 back to back presses, then switch sides. Next set 3,3, etc. up to 5 left, 5 right. That is one pyramid.

Aim to do 5 pyramids of 1-5. If you can't make it to 5 just go as high as you can eg: 1-3 without reaching failure.

When you can achieve 5 x 1-5 pyramids, you may step up to the next kettlebell in weight.

Ensure there is no lowerbody movement or sway of the upperbody as you press the kettlebell overhead.

Pavel Tsatsouline recommends clenching the fist of your free hand (Russian strength secret) to increase your pressing strength.

Enjoy increases in your pressing strength.

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