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1 Way to Train 8 Swing Pyramid

Published on 3rd Apr 2010 at 15:04 by Admin

The Calm Before the Storm

So yesterday was Good Friday and i had a low volume day of Military presses, not because it was Good Friday, but it was needed for what i had planned for today. A heavy, high volume Swing day.

Before attempting this, seek instruction from a Qualified kettlebell instructor. You may use whatever weight you want, but it should be heavy for you.

Warm up using D.R.O.M. and some goblet squats.

Simple on paper, hard on the body. Do an ascending  pyramid of swings from 1,1, up to 15,15. Put the kettlebell on the ground when changing sides. Keep your rest periods short, 15 sec's or less.

When you reach 15, 15, do a descending pyramid back down to 1,1, for a total of 450 swings. Now go eat!

I did start with a H.R. monitor, but it died near the end of the session. Goes to show you, don't trust fancy equipment! I wanted to calculate total calories burned. I am sure it was around the 600kcal zone

Easter Sunday tomorrow, the body will be well rested, fed and watered!

Did you get a workout in before Easter Sunday?

Happy Easter :)

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