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10 weeks to Xmas, fitness plan?

Published on 15th Oct 2012 at 09:22 by Admin

Ok it sounds depressing but it has to be said :) In 10 weeks time we will all be sitting down to Xmas dinners, over eating, over drinking and doing less exercise :(. A couple of weeks after you will be making more resolutions for 2013. They will more or less be the same resolutions that most of us made in 2012! I assume health & fitness will be part of your resolutions?

We need to start making those health & fitness resolutions now, so when 2013 comes,we are ahead of the game. Set your goals, are you happy with your current weight, current health, current fitness? Do you need to make changes? How are your eating habits? I would think we all need to make changes!

Let me try help here:

EXERCISE :Try to strength train at least twice per week and on the other days do something else active like Pilates, yoga or just simply walking. Strength training is simple, it doesn't take long, 20-30 minute high intensity sessions. This will help you re-shape your body and burn huge calories. If you can't strength train yourself, get along to a kettlebell class and ideal way to learn how to train with a kettlebell by yourself eventually.

DIET : Write down EVERYTHING that went into your mouth on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week. Also take note where you ate and with whom? Have a look at this on paper, it should tell you a lot. Ask a health & fitness professional to have alook at it and advise you too. For example you might discover you are eating too much of a certain type of food, or eating at the wrong time, over eating or even under eating?

Make small dietary changes a couple of weeks into your new training regime and try to improve on this over the weeks and months. Remember try not to do everything all at once like most people do in January because MOST WILL FAIL and not even make it to the end of January.

Hope this helps you. Get down to a kettlebellsireland class near you and strength train. Our instructors can also offer advice on healthy eating. Contact us for classes throughout Ireland.

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