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300 rep kettlebell workout

Published on 27th Feb 2013 at 19:22 by Admin

Here have our latest FFI KBI 300 rep kettlebell s&c home workout. This workout is simple but effective. This 300 rep workout should take less than 30 minutes to complete. Fiona Byrne KBI did it with a 20kg kettlebell, but don't feel pressured into working with a weight that you cannot handle. You may use 2 different weighted kettlebells if you wish, but make sure you are working hard.

After warming up with DROM and some swings, presses and squats you should be ready to roll.

Start with your weaker arm and do :

1 Turkish get up, then repeat strong arm

2 presses weak arm, 2 presses strong arm

3 front squats weak arm, 3 front squats strong arm

4 snatches or high pulls weak arm, 4 snatches or high pulls strong arm

20 2 handed speed eccentric swings to finish then rest.

Rest no longer than 1 minute and repeat for up to 10 rounds for a 300 rep workout.

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