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Thoughts and discussion on kettlebell training, strength and conditioning, Olympic lifting, fat loss, getting healthy and fit, NMT, core training, Pilates, mobility and anything else that goes with the above.

4 Reasons why you are not losing weight

Published on 25th Oct 2015 at 16:59 by Admin

1 Frequency: You don't train enough. You think that by doing 1 maybe 2 sessions (at a push) a week is enough. That is not enough training to increase your metabolism, get moving more and increase your frequency.

2. Intensity: Your training is not intense enough. You think that if you lift that 2.5kg Dumbbells for 20 reps, that will burn the fat off. The fact that you feel a burn in the muscle group doesn't mean that you are burning fat. That burn you feel is probably because of  your too many needless high reps building up lactic acid in the muscle.

3. Time: You think that if you spend an hour or more in the gym twice per week, doing light weights, high reps, that you will burn fat. You would be better served spending a half hour of high intensity training, 4 times per week, than 2 sessions of 1 hour of useless low intensity high reps or cardio.

4. Type: You think that 2 sessions of aerobics per week is enough to burn fat. You think that just because the instructor kills me and gets my heart rate up to the roof that it must be good, right? Wrong, that class could be doing you more harm than good. It's easy to give anybody a tough kickass workout. This skill is to give the client enough of a workout so that they leave the gym as strong (or stronger) as when they walked in.

You also think that if I train twice per week I can eat anything I want. The type of food that you are putting into your body is either maintaining your current weight or increasing your body fat stores. Your nutrition is the most important aspect to weightloss. You cannot out train a bad diet, you are just kidding yourself. Be prepared to make changes to your nutrition and get away from your usual eating habits.

Remember once you make the changes and start a new routine, it will become second nature to you. There is no easy, quick fix to weightloss. True health and fitness starts with your mental strength and a true willingness to make changes.

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