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5 Benefits of Heavy Kettlebell Turkish Get Ups

Published on 8th Apr 2020 at 15:02 by Shane

The Turkish Get Up is one of the best movemens that you can do, with or without a kettlebell. But here I will discuss the benefits of doing heavy Turkish Get Ups.

  1. Strength. OK probably the most obvious is that you WILL get stronger. With the heavy kettlebell Turkish Get Up, you have to stay tight, braced and strong in every muscle / joint in your body, for the whole time that you are moving. Any sign of relaxation will result in disaster for you, so stay tight.
  2. Control. With the heavy kettlebell Turkish Get Up, you have to move with exact control. Any sudden movements that you are not ready for will again result in disaster for you. So you will learn to move with control and stay braced strong at the same time.
  3. Stabilisation. This skill goes hand in hand with what we have discussed already. Apart from being strong and in control, you have to have good stability. Stability mainly in the loaded shoulder, yes the one that has the kettlebell overhead. Any unwanted movement from lack of stabilisation, in any phase of the heavy kettlebell Turkish Get Up can send the kettlebell off away from you, resulting in the kettlebell slamming to the ground, so watch out. Again if you are not strong enough or able to stabilise that kettlebell overhead, then maybe you are not ready for it yet. Build up to your heavy kettlebell gradually and safely overtime.
  4. Loaded stretching. We know how dynamic the Turkish Get Up is. A brilliant movement for mobilising, stretching and contracting in extreme positions. Now with the added weight overhead, all of these muscle, joints, connective tissues etc. are placed under greater stress with a greater end result you will find.
  5. Concentration. Probably one of the isssues with movement and training is that we tend to lose focus during the session, particularly when we are working with light loads. Our minds can wander, thinking about stuff other than the movement that we are doing. If your mind wanders during the heavy kettlebell Turkish Get Up, you may be in trouble. You have to stay fully focused throughout the full range of the movement. This concentration again will help you move with control, stay braced, strong and stable, leading to a successful outcome.

Avoid doing your heaviest Turkish Get Up too often. Maybe test it once per month - 6 weeks. In the mean time, do lots of Turkish Get Ups with a weight close to you max.


Stay Stong.

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