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5 tips to combat lower back pain (LBP)?

Published on 19th Oct 2011 at 11:14 by Admin

A current statistic is that 80-85% of the population will suffer with back pain at some point in life. This statistic is sure to rise with the kind of lifestyle that most people are leading. Ireland has one of the highest obesity rates in Europe at the moment. This trend tells me that we are taking less exercise and eating more crap. It's no wonder that we are suffering with back pain.

I am a firm believer that if you keep fit and healthy, the incidence of LBP affecting you will be significantly lower. Even if pain does visit you, it should go as quickly as it came.

Here are my tips for reducing or avoiding LBP.

1. Keep mobile, yes stretch regularly, especially the hip flexors and quads. Learn from a professional how to stretch safely.

2. Keep your full body strong with resistance training and Pilates. Pilates is an ideal additive to your resistance training. Pilates will educate you on where you are tight or weak.

3. Try to get regular sports massage eg: once per month. Try to get a therapist that uses, positional release, strain counter strain (PR/SCS)and or muscle energy techniques (MET). These techniques are brilliant for reducing tension and trigger point activity in muscles.

4. Eat well and stay hydrated. Try to increase your fresh fruit and veg consumption (ideally raw) and drink plenty of water. Muscles repair and function best in the presence of water.

5. Use relaxation or meditation techniques whenever you can. Simply lying flat on the floor and using some deep breathing methods can help with mind/body repair. This can also aid with a better digestive system and less stress.

Hope this helps?

Shane Nicoletti FFI/KBI

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