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FFI Double kettlebells Deadlift

Published on 13th Dec 2014 at 13:05 by Admin

This kettlebells movement will target your posterior chain mainly. More importantly this movement sets the kettlebell lifter up for other movemnts to come. It's an ideal movement to teach optimal tension when lifting or swing etc.

This movement will teach good lifting mechanics, which should help with daily lifting activiies too. So proper lifting techniques should reduce the risk of injuries when lifting in the home or workplace.

This movement will help athletes with weak or tight hamstrings. Do you pull your hamstrings regularly? Well learn to deadlift properly, in particular the stiff leg deadlift SLDL.


Set your feet about shoulder width distance apart. Keep your feet flat on the ground.

Squat down (wall squats) and grasp 2 kettlebells handles. From above the handles should form a V shape. When you grasp the handles, your knuckles should be nearly facing each other.

Set your spine in neutral and brace as you take an inhale. Keep your eyes high in their sockets at all times. Stand up and pull the kettlebells from the ground keeping your arms straight. Maintain a neutral spine thoughout the pull.

Stand tall and separate the kettlebells as you pause for a moment. Squat back down and rest the kettlebells on the ground as you prepare for the next rep.

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