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FFI/KBI 15 min HIIT home training

Published on 22nd Mar 2012 at 09:27 by Admin

Here Shane shows an example of a simple 15 minute home workout using one kettlebell and 2 movements. These 2 movements will more or less train your whole body. The ideal kettlebell to use is moderate to heavy. The movements are a military press and snatch. The snatch can be substituted for a clean, high pull or swing and the military press can be switched to a jerk or push press.

The high intensity interval training goes like this. Warm up with DROM, swings, high pulls and presses mainly. Work for 30sec's, rest for 15 sec's. Reps will be between 5-8. If swinging, the reps will be higher, so maybe try to alternate high pulls and cleans.

Military press  weak side for 30 sec's

rest for 15 sec's

Military press  strong side for 30 sec's

rest for 15 sec's

Snatch weak side for 30 sec's with a pause in lockout

rest for 15 sec's

Snatch strong side for 30 sec's with a pause in lockout

Repeat for up to 5 rounds for a 15 minute full body workout. Use high tension neutral pressing ideally with a reps every 5 sec's or so. With the snatch, focus on power production and high tension in lockout. So even with a moderate weight you can move it as if it were really heavy.

After the strength/power session you can pick one of our endurance finisher circuits and do 2-3 roiunds!

Enjoy and let me knkow how you got on?

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