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FFI/KBI 3D power club & kettlebell circuit

Published on 1st Mar 2012 at 11:05 by Admin

This workout is about training in the 3 primary planes of motion. You will see movements to the front, to the side and movements that involve rotation or twisting. Again i would conside these movements to be functional to daily life and the majority of sports.

There is a big emphasis on strength, power and stabilisation in all of the movements combined. There is also a great effect on the obliques (waist/ ab muscles) low back and core. In all of the movements shoulder stabilisation is a must too.

I did it as a circuit again, 30 sec's on 15 sec's rest. You will need 2 kettlebells and 1 power club. I used 2 x 20kg kb's and a 10kg PC. If you don't have a power club, a  kb lunge with rotation could substitute those movements. Aim for 2-5 circuits over time after a good warm up using DROM and swing, squats presses and a selection of power club movements for low reps.

You should feel your waist nice and tight the next day with some light DOMS in the shoulders, legs and lower back maybe?

Enjoy and let me know how you got on?

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