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FFI / KBI Outdoor Classes are Back

Published on 10th Jun 2020 at 13:50 by Shane

FFI / KBI Outdoor Classes are Back

We are excited to announce that our original FFI / KBI outdoor classes are back. We have had several requests from clients that we have previously trained, asking us to run our outdoor classes again.

I guess with the current COVID-19 situation, people may not want to go back to indoor gym training. What we have noticed is that, lots of people have started outdoor fitness routines, walking, jogging etc. and now they may want to stick with that.

What FFI / KBI classes will offer:

  • Small Classes
  • Social / Physical Distancing Procedures
  • Safe and effective workouts
  • Training out in the Fresh Air

FFI / KBI classes will be better than our original kettlebellsireland classes that we started in 2006.

FFI / KBI classes will involve kettlebells, clubbells and teaching body weight movements in all our classes. We will provide the equipment.

Our classes will be suitable for beginners and experienced participants. We are starting off with just one morning per week, but if there is a need for more classes, then we will add them to the schedule.

Clients wishing to attend our classes, must pay in advance and commit to booking into classes for the next month. These are not drop in or pay as you go classes.

Contact us at prior to booking your place.

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