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FFI/KBI s&c full body home workout 3

Published on 14th Feb 2012 at 16:34 by Admin

Here Shane from Function & Fitness Ireland FFI and kettlebellsireland demonstrates another variation of our full body training circuits. This workout can be performed at home and is very similar to our previous circuit, number 2. Similar but different because instead of doing thrusters we squat and press separately. Instead of doing front squats we do split squats. You will notice the difference.

So after warming up with swings, squats and presses i set the timer for 30sec's on and 15 sec's rest. My circuit went like this :

2 handed swings

left side squat and press

2 handed swings

right side squat and press

left side swing or hi pull or snatch

left side split squat

right side swing or hi pull or snatch

right side split squat

That is a 6 minute circuit. I could rest at the end of the circuit or simply continue on. My goal would be to do 5 circuits for a 30 minute full body workout. This workout will train my full body including my heart and lungs. Of course i may use it as a finisher after my strength work.

Have a go, make sure you have good technique, rest when you want but ensure always good reps and technique. Alternate between our different circuits and take a note of what you did in each session so you can better the previous session each time. If you can do 5 circuits with an 8kg kettlebell, to progress, try a 12kg the next time.

Enjoy and let me know how you got on?

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