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FFI/KBI s&c home workout 1

Published on 13th Jan 2012 at 13:24 by Admin

Today i start doing suggested video workouts for the busy person to do at home. The workouts will consist of minimal equipment, generally a kettlebell will do. Over time you can build your own home gym collection :)You may use whatever weights you want, but i would suggest a lighter weight the first time you do the workout, then if it's too light progress to your next weight. If it's a circuit, use a light weight for for the first round, then you will have an idea of the ideal weight to use for the next rounds. Always remember form and technique are more important than just making numbers or reps!

For todays session i used a 20kg kettlebell and a 12kg power club. If you don't have a power club you can simply do body weight lunges or lunge with a kettlebell. Set the timer for 30secs on (work) and 15 secs off (rest) or use the second hand of a clock. You may work for less and take more rest!

The movement order is:

1. an alternating lunge. I am using a power club. Swing and rack the club on your shoulder every rep, changing sides every other rep.

2. Push press left side. You may military press or jerk

3. An alternating lunge. I used a different grip.

4. Push press right side.

5. 2 handed hardstyle kettlebell swing

6. kettlebell lunge with torso rotation

7. 2 handed hardstyle kettlebell swing

8. kettlebell lunge with torso rotation

This circuit will take 6 minutes including your rest periods. You may take an extended break at the end of the circuit, but over time try to go straight into the next circuit. Aim for 4-6 circuits max over time.

Let me know if you have any queriies or help?

Enjoy and train strong!

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