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FFI/KBI Strength workout

Published on 3rd Feb 2012 at 14:12 by Admin

In this video Shane shows a typical strength set that we might do in our classes. So after the warm up, doing DROM movements, some swings, squats and light presses, we go into our strength sets then. The strength sets usually consist of some sort of pressing. You can use one or two kettlebells. Ideally it's a weight that you could press 7-8 times, but when doing sets, avoid going beyond 5 reps and avoid going to failure if possible.

If your kettlebells are on the light side then do a set of squats first before you press. The squats will also work the deltoids which in turn will make the pressing more challenging. If your kettlebells are heavy, then presses first and squats can come after the presses. Normally we do between 3-5 sets of 1-5 reps of presses. Then we might use a circuit type finisher, like the previous videos.

Alternatively you may do a whole session of strength. Make sure to take plenty of rest in between strength sets so that you can give maximum effort into each set. Always make sure every rep is of good quality. Get a qualified kettlebell instructor to check your form before doing these workouts.

Oh yeah, if the weather is good it's really nice to do this workout outdoors, enjoy :)

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