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FFI rehab for the hamstrings SLDL

Published on 8th Dec 2015 at 11:55 by Admin

1. Start with the Stiff leg Deadlift below. 

The above video is a nice addition to your physiotherapy treatment for your hamstrings strain. Provided that the movement is pain free and that your therapist feels that you are ready to start strengthening the hamstrings and posterior chain. After a few sessions using this movement a 3-5 sets, couple of times per week, you may progress to the movement below.

2. FFI 1 Leg Stiff Leg Deadlift

This kettlebells movement is part of our hamstring rehabilitation series and is a progression of the FFI kettlebells SLDL Ensure you seek advice from your therapist, if you are doing this as part of your rehabilitation. Make sure you can do the SLDL on 2 legs before progressing to the FFI 1 leg SLDL.

3. FFI 1 leg Suitcase SLDL

This movement above is the last in this series of hamstring strength and rehabilitation. After doing the FFI SLDL for a couple of weeks, then progressing to the FFI 1 leg SLDL then you can progress to the FFI 1 leg Suitcase SLDL

Remember do these movements slowly and with control. Ensure you have good balance before hinging, so be patient and work on your sigle leg balance before hinging at the hip. Start the movements with a shorter range of motiuon, then progress over time to a greater range of movement.

Do thes movements as part of your Strength and Conditioning to reduce the risk of hamstring strains. You can use any type of weight.

I hope this helps you.

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