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Fitness instructors, here's an idea for you!

Published on 1st May 2012 at 15:26 by Admin

Yesterday somebody asked could they have a look at our kettlebell/mixed strength class ' of course you can'. Is this like the Kettlebells I see on TV?  ' definitely not' says I :) You see I have come to the point where I keep saying that any publicity is good publicity, right? But there is this little guy on my shoulder saying ' shut up you fool and stop being so sensible' Ok the problem with most training that is marketed so brilliantly in TV, magazines etc., is that it is crap, there I said it!

Its not just kettlebell training, any resistance training fails to even remotely promote strength training. Strength for you, will be different to the next person, so it' all relative to each individual. I have worked in our fitness industry long enough to see what goes on in gyms, group classes etc. We have cardio, endurance classes, workouts up the yin yan, so we are sorted there ok, so enough of that, please!

What's missing is a real strength workout for people to do. When I talk of strength I mean yes lifting heavy stuff. Again what is heavy for you, might not be for the next person.

So if you are a fitness instructor looking to start something different, why not strength classes? Now make sure they are strength classes if you are going to do this. Here's what I recommend:

Firstly listen to the needs of your client and sell them the idea of strength training if it's not on their list,

Ensure you teach safe and proper technique to your clients in all your exercises,

Teach your clients about high tension, bracing, stabilisation, power breathing etc.

Know how to design a good strength programme, sets, reps, rest, tempo, order of exercises, etc.

Teach your clients good lift lower procedure and good  strength room ethics at all times,

Be a motivator and good role model for your clients,

Invest in good equipment, it can be basic, but good,

Educate your clients on the importance in quality of movement over mindless reps,

Ensure there is variety and progression in your clients strength programme, 

Know when to back off in volume, before overtraining sets in.

Hopefully you learned the above steps and more in your fitness instructor school? If not you need further education before you enter into this. Believe me this is where you need to be going, this is where your clients WILL get real results in, lower body fat, increased muscle, higher metabolism, less pain in movement, better quality of life, STRONGER :) These people will talk about you and your training and you will have endless clients, because your training works.

There are many schools/people where you can learn from them how to be a good strength trainer, so contact us if you need guidance and we will certainly try to help you. Best of luck in our revolution to get people training properly.

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