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Get Stronger, burn fat, lift weights.

Published on 12th May 2013 at 10:38 by Admin

Are you looking to get into great shape?

Is your gym membership costing you a small fortune for little benefits?

Do you want to get stronger and burn body fat? 

Stop wasting time and lift weights, real weights!

Before you ask, no you won't bulk up! You might ask, will I tone up then?

Tone a word I dislike, but I know what you mean and yes you will tone :( up :)! So here is what you need to do I think.

Firstly go find a a strength and conditioning instructor who teaches and is qualified to teach weightlifting. Now be careful here as there are cowboys out there calling themselves strength and conditioning (s&c) instructors. Find out who they qualified with before using their services, then contact us to see if they are legit. We can find out easily if they have a credible s&c qualification.

BTW the last guy I worked for thought that s&c training was balancing on a Swiss ball ha ha :)

A qualified s&c instructor will show you how to lift weights safely, effectively and efficiently. Training twice a week at high intensities will far outweigh your 5-7 times per week wasting time and money in your fancy gym. You will reach your goals much quicker than what you are doing at the moment.

A good s&c instructor can also advise you on your current diet. What to eat, when to eat, etc. This will get you to your goals much quicker also. The key is to lift weights at high intensities and eat well. Lifting weights (weightlifting) at high intensities will help you burn huge calories.

Weightlifting is efficient as you train the full body in a couple of movements. In weightlifting movements you train lots of muscles at the one time. This method makes your sessions shorter in time, again efficient in training and time saving.

You could also seek out an FFI kettlebell instructor. There are many in Ireland and a couple outside of Ireland. They teach our methods of kettlebell s&c training which is also conducive to getting strong and burning fat. Contact us for instructors in your area.

So don't wait any longer, get weightlifting NOW!

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