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Hand Care and Kettlebell training!

Published on 7th Jul 2010 at 10:32 by Admin

Recently some of our female kettlebell clients have noticed that they are getting some callous formation on their hands from kettlebell training. Now while i would personally look at them as a badge of honour :) this does not suit some people.

I always say, it is a small price to pay for the the body that you will have from long term kettlebell training. But so that you can keep up your training regularly here are some tips to protect your hands from hardstyle training. (i can't believe i am giving tips on handcare :)

Anyway if you notice a callous or two building up on your palm just below the fingers, ensure that you file it down with an emery board and keep it smoothe. The callous formation is your body adapting to the training and protecting your hands. If you don't take care of the callous it might tear and that will interfere with your training.

You can use some bandage tape across the palm where the callous is building during training. Some people cut the toes out of a pair of old socks and use them like fingerless gloves. Remember if you use gloves or something between the hand and the handle it becomes a little unsafer as you have to grip the kettlebell harder and you don't get as much feedback to the hand.

After training wash your hands and use a moisturiser, yes men moisturise your hands :) You want to avoid blisters that will interfere with your training.

Lastly make sure that you buy yourself a good kettlebell with a good smoothe handle where there is no rough weld on the underside of the handle in particular.

If you have any concerns about kettlebell training or need advice drop us a line at

Take it handy :)

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