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High Intensity Interval Training

Published on 8th Feb 2012 at 20:51 by Admin

Today i show an example of a high intensity interval training session. Using double kettlebells and a set of rings for pull ups. This session can be performed with one kettlebell. The weight should be so that you would be able to press it 7-8 times to failure, but in this session you should not exceed 5 reps. You may do less than 5 reps. Ensure all reps are good quality in technique.

After warming up with DROM, some swings, presses and pull ups (low reps) i got into the first round. In between each movement i use breath cycles to recover. The deeper you breathe the more rest you get :) Today i used 5 breath cycles but over time i will try to reduce these cycles. If i can reduce my breath cycles, this will be a good sign of my fitness levels improving with this type of training.

The movements i did are :

1. Double military presses

Rest 5 breath cycles

2. Double front squats

Rest 5 breath cycles

3. Ring pull ups (i could use any heavy pull here eg: Deadlift, high pulls 5,5, or snatches 5,5,)

Rest 5 breath cycles

Repeated the above sequence x 5 rounds

Weights used 2x20kg kettlebells

Round 1 3 reps of each

Round 2 4 reps of each

Round 3 5 reps of each

Round 4 5 reps of each

Round 5 4 reps of each

Finisher : I set the timer 30sec's on 15 sec's rest and went ballistic with swings (1 handed or 2 handed) and snatches for 10 rounds.

If you try it, have fun and enjoy. Let me know how you got on?

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