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It's all about the BUTT!

Published on 23rd Jun 2010 at 10:27 by Admin

This week i heard comments from some of my new kettlebellers. One was complimented on how well her arms looked and another girl who started kettlebell training with us commented on the posture of two girls in her office, they also train with kettlebellsireland.

These are some of the things that we hear a lot, you might think they are small but to us they are HUGE :) This shows us that we are doing something right!

About the heading above, yes it's all about the BUTT! I mean when you start with us most people have 'Gluteal amnesia' eg: they don't know how to use their glutes (butt, bum, backside etc.) But after their first session they soon see that it is all about the BUTT. Yes all of our movements not only use the abdominal area, but the Glutes too. That's why you will read about girls talking about getting a 'kettlebell Butt' from using kettlebells regularly.

All movements from the Swing to the Turkish get up target your Glutes in a particular way. These movements will shape and firm your glutes in no time, giving you a rounder firmer backside!

Watching a lot of joggers lately in this weather and i can see a lot of wobbling bums while they are jogging. This shows me that jogging does not do much to use/tone the glutes. There is not enough hip extension going on to work the glutes enough maybe?

What do you think?

So add some kettlebell training to your jogging or whatever you do. Or indeed get some deep squats, Deadlifts or lunges in.

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