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KBI fat blasting home training

Published on 31st May 2012 at 07:17 by Admin

This weeks home workout is a circuit progression from our previous circuits. If you have done our 30 on 15 off circuits for a while, here's is one way to progress. It's still a 6 minute circuit, but there are only 6 blocks of movement instead of 8. You will work for longer tho, 45 seconds on, but still 15 seconds rest. I heavy and light kettlebell is ideal, but you may do it with one kettlebell.

You may do the whole session as endurance, or use the circuit as a finisher after your strength training. So after warming up with some DROM, swings, squats & presses you can begin your first circuit :

Heavy kettlebell : mix squat, swing & deadlift for 3-5 reps each, rest

lighter kettlebell : 3-5 swings, high pulls or snatches, switching arms every 3-5 reps

Do the above for 6 minutes or 3 rounds, then you may rest for 1 minute or keep going! Remember ALWAYS good quality in your techniques and rest early if you have to !


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