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Kettlebell Women

Published on 5th Feb 2010 at 12:53 by Admin

One of my new kettlebell group members made a comment to me last night about how the majority in kettlebell class are women. All of my groups are the same, mainly women. You would think that a class involving lifting, pushing, pulling and squatting cast iron cannonballs with handles would be more attractive to men?

Recently, as i examined my students in a gym where the general public were also working out, i was horrified by what i saw people doing, mainly men! There's nothing worse than seeing out of shape men (beer bellied) training their biceps with curls and their shoulders with forward raises. I thought to myself, now he would be better off getting up on a piece of cardio machinery and working out there, anyway that's another argument.

What this experience helped me conclude is that women seem to train smarter than men. Women enjoy group training, more than men. Women are just better to train than most men!

From a kettlebell point of view, most of the women in my morning classes are mothers with small children in school or creche. They have little time on their hands to go to the gym. They might have smaller babies in prams too. They work out, HARD, with me twice per week (the minimum i say) and they get a huge calorie burning, toning, Cardio, strength and mobility workout. They also have the fun of group training where they push each other at the same time.

At the moment i have the goal of teaching them all to snatch a kettlebell so i can train them with that wopping 20 (or so) calorie per minute workout called the vo2 max snatch workout. Recent research said that the only way to replicate that calorie burn was to cross country ski, uphill FAST! Read my older post for that one.

Are you a woman or man that trains in a smart way? I read a funny question the other day? What is round and has a flat bottom? Answer: Not the kettlebell women!

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