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Kettlebells and Running

Published on 5th Feb 2010 at 07:24 by Admin

Recently i attended a strength and conditioning conference in the UK. The weekend was dealing with the speed,agility and plyometric end of things. So the weekend would entail a lot of running, change of direction and jumping. Now i am literally a fish out of water so was prepared for a heavy weekend on my body. I can't remember the last time that i went running as most of my cardio work would be in the pool or on a bike. I do a fair bit of walking though, but it's just not speed, agility and plyometric!

The first day was mainly the plyometric section, followed by the speed work. The next day i was expecting to be tired or sore and it never arrived! We worked on agility, fast change of direction work etc. I have to say i think i was the oldest in the group of 25. Most were either soccer or rugby players and some fighters. My speed and agility really surprised me and all i can put it down to is the work that i have been doing with kettlebells. Even after the weekend there was no soreness or tiredness. The kettlebell had trained me perfectly for this kind of work. All movements used triple extension (ankle, knee and hip joints) as well as all the other joints in the body. The kettlebell training had not only strengthened my body but had made me quick and powerful. It had conditioned me for plyometric movements without having to jump one inch off the ground.

Ever since my RKC training i knew that it would definitely suit the sports like GAA football, Hurling, Golf, Water polo, soccer and Rugby to name but a few. So if you play these sports and want a tool to help you improve in your sport contact and we will direct you to your nearest kettlebell trainer.

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