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Kettlebells, Getting Strong for G.A.A., Soccer or Rugby.

Published on 17th Feb 2010 at 19:23 by Admin

If you play any G.A.A. sports or even Rugby or Soccer, kettlebells are ideal for the team to do strength and conditioning pitch side training. What are kettlebels you might ask? They are versatile weights, shaped like cannonballs with handles that can be transported to the pitch in a jeep or boot of a car.

I would suggest that each memeber of the team that has transport buy one and bring along to the training session. A 12kg fpr Women or 16kg for Men should be sufficient for most players. Also the coach should organise a kettlebell instructor to run some classes or workshops to show the players and trainer how to use the kettlebell safely and efficiently.

The kettlebell movements are ideal for the above sports (and more). The main reasons are :

They are performed in the upright position, closed chain, exactly where these athletes need to be strong (not flat on their back or in seats)

The kettlebell movements mimic the traditional strength and conditioning movements in clean and jerk and snatching

They incorporate triple extension (ankle, knee and hip joints) These joints work together in symmetry in functional movements

As well as targeting all the muscles of the body it promotes the use of the core muscles simultaneously.

Kettlebell training strengthens and improves power output too.

Kettlebell training improves grip strength, mobility and balance.

Kettlebell training will strip away unwanted bodyfat, giving you a leaner explosive team.

Kettlebell training can be used by the player in rehabilitation who can't do impact running.

Finally kettlebell training will condition your athlete to NEVER give up.

Does any of the above sound good for you or your team? Are you and your team training properly? If you are in season and still sitting in resistance machines doing body building training, i can tell you now, you ARE doing the wrong training!

If you want advice on training, feel free to conact me for advice or i can arrange an onsite visit?

Shane Nicoletti

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