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Kettlebells S&C training for fighters!

Published on 28th Nov 2012 at 10:35 by Admin

Are you a slow fighter?

Lately i have seen some tweets from fighters who have lost their most recent fights. They have mentioned about feeling slow or others have commented about them being slow. Now whether you are a boxer, BJJ, MMA, Tae kwon-do or other fighter, KBI S&C training is an ideal way to compliment your sport. Why?

Firstly our goals with our kettlebell methods is to make the fighter/athlete more powerful and strong. So we promote power production in our movements. Do you know what power is? Because it is used in the wrong context a lot of the time.

Definition: Power is the time rate at which work is done or energy is transferred. So in simple terms to be powerful you have to be strong and fast. Or you have to learn how to recruit lots of muscle fibres in a very quick moment.

Ok so power involves strength and velocity. What you may find is fighters working on strength in the gym and working on speed when doing sport specific training. If this works, stick with it.

If you find that this does not work for you, try adding FFI kettlebell or barbell S&C training into your strength training regime. Our methods will teach you how to recruit lots of muscle fibres quickly, in a movement that will have a great transfer over to your sport specific activity.

Secondly FFI S&C training promotes quality of movement. In other words all reps should be perfect. This approach will help you reduce the risk of overuse type injuries that all athletes are at risk of. FFI S&C training, trains the whole body uniformly, so this training will find your weak areas and strengthen them.

Thirdly, maybe your stretching routine is not enough? Have you tried loaded stretching? FFI S&C methods promote mobility training whilst strength training at the same time. This apporach will help you strengthen weak movements and lengthen short/tight sport specific muscles. Again this method will help you excel in your fighting, keep you injury free and make you a better champion.

If you have any queries about FFI S&C training or you would like us to arrange a S&C workshop with your fighters, contact us.

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