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Kettlebellsireland meets Roger Gracie BJJ

Published on 19th Nov 2012 at 16:02 by Admin

On Saturday November 17th & Sunday November 18th, Shane Nicoletti KBI went to london to work with 10 times world champion Roger Gracie and his academy of instructors. The purpose of the visit was to make new friends first and to teach these fine athletes our method of s&c kettlebell training with corrective exercise. This was a real priviledge for Shane, Fiona and the rest of the Function & Fitness Ireland FFI/KBI family.

To know that these fighters will be using our methods to get strong, powerful and mobile to make them even better fighters is a real honour for us.

The methods that we use at FFI/KBI will suit these fighters right down to the ground. As in all sports, athletes will develope certain musculo/skeletal imbalances. These muscular imbalances can lead to injury. We would always promote that athletes should recognise where their own imbalances lie, then use corrective exercise to reduce this potential risk of injury.

Although we covered many many hardstyle s&c kettlebell movements, the 2 most enjoyable movements that we taught were the KBI swing and the KBI Turkish get up. Mixing these 2 movements will give the fighters a full body s&c experience that will emphasize explosive strength with corrective exercise. The perfect 2 movement programme.

When we covered the KBI turkish get up, some of the fighters commented that this movement is BJJ! In other words, the KBI turkish get up is strength from the ground up. The stages to get up mimic movements that these fighters perform when competing. The KBI kettlebell swing or snatch will give the these warriors a fighting strength & conditioning effect with a crushing grip.

Thank you Roger and all your cool gang, we hope to work with you all again in the near future.

PS i know KBI s&c kettlebell training will make better fighters of your students so that they can win medals/titles just like their boss :)

Regards, your friend Shane Nicoletti KBI

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