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Loaded Hamstrings Stretching

Published on 9th Feb 2019 at 12:49 by Shane

Do you have Hamstring problems?

Above is a loaded hamstring strengthening / stretching movement that will reduce your risk of hamstring pulls and will help make them more powerful in movement.

You can lie on your back and do a straight leg raise hamstring stretch until the cows come home and get nowhere, or you could strengthen and mobilise the hamstrings with the above video.

As well as the strength benefits for the hamstrings, you will also strengthen your posterior chain and improve your ankle, knee and hip stability.

Improving your single leg balance ability, by practising regularly, can only help with stability and less chance of hamstring or calf strains. I am a firm believer that improving balance and stability on one leg, will reduce the risk of rolling (spraining) your ankle when running.

The above video uses a kettlebell in the suitcase hold position, you can use any weight. The suitcase hold offers a lateral pull to challenge your balance. You may hold the kettlebell to the front of your thighs as a modified, easier version.

Do 1-5 reps each side for for 2-3 sets.

We add these movements regularly into our Group and Personal Training classes

Our next morning course starts in Iona pastoral centre in Knocklyon Dublin 16

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