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Recession, cutbacks. weather, 2010 nearly over :)

Published on 23rd Dec 2010 at 15:00 by Admin

If you use kettlebells there is no point you reading this as you are converted :) If you haven't taken the leap. please read on.

Ok a very negative heading, but on a positive note 2011 is nearly here, so a new start. Here are some ideas:

1. Cancel that Gym membership!

Yes i have been teaching health, fitness, strength etc. for over 14 years now and this first point may be a shock to you? But i'm talking about the person who has a gym membership with a monthly direct debit coming out of their account to pay for the gym that they most probably don't use. Even if they use the gym, are they getting what they paid for? I'd seriously doubt it! That an expensive bill for a sauna and shower i'd say.

2. Learn the art of kettlebell training.

Yes it is an art, a skill that must be learned and you won't do it by following a DVD in your living room. This skill won't take long to pick up on, depending on your teacher. Ideally you could take part in group kettlebell training sessions. The group sessions will give you the incentive to come along and get a great workout in and have some fun too. You will meet people who love to train, just like you and the group will push eachother along.

3. Take control of you own training.

Once you have learned how to use the kettlebell safely and effectively (yes two very important words) then you should get a kettlebell and start to train yourself at home. With the help of your fully qualified teacher (Yes check their qualifications) you should be able to train at home. This is where the books and DVD's come in handy, when you know a bit. But do try to keep up the classes, even 1 per week or every other month.

4. Take control of your Diet!

To achieve your goals, whatever they may be, training alone is simply not enough. You should look at your diet and be truthful about it. Fill out a 3 day food and fluid diary and get someone who knows about proper nutrition to give you some good adviceor go online and see exactly what you are putting into your body. Most of us know what we should and shouldn't be eating. Remember everything in moderation is always a good term i find. Adding fresh fruit and veg to your diets can be a huge positive step for most people i know.

5. New body - Enjoy 2011!

With your new physique (toned, strong, flat abs, firm backside etc..) enjoy the next year. You will find from kettlebell training and your healthier diet that you will be stronger, more mobile and have more energy. You should not be suffering with those achy joints and muscles anymore, in fact you might be thinking of coming out of retirement and getting back into your sport. Kettlebell training will tone up those flabby areas that you could not in your expensive gym. You couldn't because you were sitting in the sauna talking about it or pedalling on a mindless stationary bike! Sound familiar? Your training sessions will be shorter and much more effective, i promise you this! I bet you like the sound of this?

contact for advice on kettlebell training.

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