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Rehabilitation from injury?

Published on 23rd Nov 2010 at 16:36 by Admin

Body weight, kettlebells, club or Barbells!

At kettlebellsireland we use Neuromuscular techniques, M.E.T. and myofascial release techniques to reduce hypertonicity in muscle groups. Why will muscles become hypertonic (over contraction or tight)? A combination of overuse, misuse, abuse or underuse of the muscle groups.

Lifestyle, your chosen sport and daily postural habits will all lead to overusing some muscle groups and not using other muscle groups. After a full assessment we identify which muscles are too short and which muscle groups are inhibited. Most of the time we find that the affected or surrounding muscle groups will house myofascial trigger points. Then we apply techniques to release the trigger points and short, tight muscles. After the treatments we give body weight or assisted movements to the clients, where they learn how to stabilise, mobilise and move their bodies in a low loading capacity. We educate them on how to use their core and full body together in symmetry.

The next stage of rehabilitation will challenge the client even more, pain free. We use Body weight, Pilate equipment, kettlebells, club or barbells mainly, depending on what the client needs. This stage tends to get more functional to their bodies needs and lifestyle with emphasis on learning better movement patterns.

If you keep getting injured, question your training methods, rest, nutrition and or your rehabilitation methods. Are you being assessed for hypertonicity and or trigger points in the muscle groups? Are you  skipping a vital stage of rehabilitation, yes the boring one?

Hope this gets you thinking a little, enjoy your training :)

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