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RKC Denmark 2010 Report

Published on 8th Jun 2010 at 13:10 by Admin

I had the priviledge to assist Pavel Tsatsouline, Kenneth Jay, Geoff Neupert and Dennis Frisch at the recent RKC Denmark. It had been two years since my last course and time to re-certify, so i attended as an assistant.

The weekend was brilliant, as i expected and was a lot easier on me than my first time attending in 2008. I was tested on my techniques and the Snatch test, but other than that my job was to move around and help correct the participants.

The teaching from Pavel and the team leaders was excellent and has changed much over the last two years. It's amazing how these hardstyle techniques just keep on improving. Great ways to teach the basic techniques. There was an influence from the CK-FMS course, which is something that appeals to me very much. Some brilliant 'fix it' drills to fix poor performance. Excellent visual drills to help teach your client(s) the different movements.

My favourite technique improvement from the weekend was the ballistic Swing, which would also transfer over to improvements in the High pull and Snatch. From me watching Pavel and co teaching the Swing i realised how i could get kettlebellsireland members to swing more effectively. The swing now resembled a more plyometric type movement without the impact of landing. I don't think the term Plyometric was once used over the weekend. But for me the Swing technique could only help improve your Sprint, Vertical Jump, Horizontal Jump and Explosive starts in all running sports. It taught me to do and teach the Swing with a better, quicker technique. As a result my RFD (rate of force Developement) is MUCH quicker. My Reactive Strength or my ability to switch from Eccentric to Concentric (hip/knee flexion to hip/knee extension) is also MUCH quicker. Over the weekend i could see huge improvements in the techniques of the participants. Already I can see huge improvements in kettlebellsireland clients too.

I have been a teacher for the last 13 years now and i love to be the student at every opportunity that i can get. Always learning and will NEVER know it all. I will be bringing these techniques to our kettlebell s&c instructor courses.

Shane Nicoletti RKC, NMT

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