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Sore forearms in kettlebells training?

Published on 14th Apr 2011 at 13:43 by Admin

Function and Fitness Ireland /Kettlebellsireland (KBI) are the most experiencd in teaching hardstyle group classes in Ireland. We have literally trained hundreds of people. From our vast experience we have come across some people who complain of sore forearms when they start training with kettlebells.

It tends to happen in the racked position and it hurts where the kettlebell rests, just above the wrist joint.  Normally this discomfort will subside over time as you toughen up. But with some people you may find that they start to hyper-extend their wrists in the racked position as this takes the kettlebell away from their sore spot.

Now this may relieve some of their discomfort for the time being but with repeated wrist hyper-extension they will most likely end up with a repetitive strain injury into the wrist joint. This will be harder to fix if they keep doing it, so here's what to do to avoid this issue.

1. Avoid too much racking in the early sessions.

2. Avoid them banging their forearms when racking the kettlebell. Use the two handed grip version.

3. Don't have them snatch the kettlebell if they have not mastered the swing and high pull.

4. Advise them to wear sweat bands where the kettlebell meets their forearm or cut the top (elastic part) off a pair of old socks (clean :) and use that.

Hope this small article helps you ?

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