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Thoughts and discussion on kettlebell training, strength and conditioning, Olympic lifting, fat loss, getting healthy and fit, NMT, core training, Pilates, mobility and anything else that goes with the above.

The kettlebell Front Squat racked

Published on 14th Feb 2010 at 19:27 by Admin

The front squat

To front squat with the kettlebell, clean the kettlebell to the racked position shown above. Keep your loaded shoulder tight and wrist neutral throughout. Maintain a neutral spine, feet flat on the ground and your eyes up at all times. Ensure your abdominals are braced throughout. Sit back and lower down into a squat position shown below as you inhale. As you descend keep your knees tracking your toes and avoid them going over the toe line. Your abdominals should be braced throughout to help protect your back. You will exhale through pursed lips and you ascend to the start position shown above. Throughout the movement keep your shoulders square to each oth

The front squat

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