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The Turkish Get-Up

Published on 23rd Feb 2010 at 18:51 by Admin

Seek instruction before attempting this. Lie flat on your back and use two hands to press the kettlebell above your chest. Hold it strong in the left hand and keep the arm straight. Bend the left kee and hip with your left foot flat on the ground. The right leg is straight out along the ground. Breathe in, brace the abs and exhale as you roll onto your right elbow (see below).

Straighten your right arm until both arms are straight. (see below). Keep your eyes on the kettlebell at all times.

tgu b

Lift your hips to the high bridge on the next exhalation (see below).

tgu c

Fold the right leg under you and kneel on the ground (see below).

Kneel up into the low lunge position (see below).

Stand to an upright position on the next exhalation (see below).

Reverse each stage until you are back on the ground in the start position, then repeat on the opposite side.

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