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Todays outdoor hardstyle KBI workout!

Published on 10th Nov 2010 at 19:08 by Admin

Today was a sunny fresh November day in Dublin. In the historic park in central Dublin called Saint Stephens Green (not the picture above) a group of 11 women in t-shirts mixed it up under our (Fiona and myself) guidance.

The workout went like this:

D.R.O.M. warm up and 12k Deadlifts x 5- 10 + 10 x 2 handed swings with 8kg x 5 rounds.

Superset Timed sets for 30 seconds on 15 off

1. 12kg Front Squats + 8 kg 1 arm swings x 4 rounds

2. 12kg Lunge/Twist + i arm push press 8kg x 4 rounds

3. 12kg Front squats + 8kg 2 handed swings

Brought the time down to 20 secs work 20 sec's rest here!

4. 12kg 2 handed swings + phase 1 TGU X 3-5 reps x 4 rounds

5. 12 or 8kg low windmills 5,5, x 3

Stretch out and get back to work :)

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