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Use the kettlebell or look like one?

Published on 5th Feb 2010 at 12:38 by Admin

Christmas is approaching and the obvious is going to happen for most of us. I am talking about diet and exercise. Yes we will all over eat and probably the foods that are not too good for us, not to mention the extra bottle of Vino or two! Such is life :) So where does the exercise fit in? If anything it should be stepped up during the coming weeks. The calories that you are about to consume over the next few weeks will HAVE to be burned.

Now you can do nothing and pile it into your body and pay for it after the silly season or you can step up now, your choice! Try to do that extra bit of Cardio type exercise, like walking,jogging, hill walking etc. but be sure it gets your heart rate up! If you can mix that Cardio with some weight or strength training, then that would be ideal. You don't have to go to the gym and spend those much needed few hours to do this. If you have a kettlebell, step out to the back yard and swing, snatch, squat, press or combine all the above for a fast, efficient and effective workout. This is the number 1 fat burning hand held piece of gym equipment that will give you a Cardio, mobility and strength session in one. At we like to train our clients how to use the kettlebell safely and effectively in their own home. You won't be long burning off those Christmas calories with the kettlebell. If you don't have a kettlebell, Barbell or Dumbbell, well then body weight exercises will be sufficient. Just make sure you know how to do the exercises properly. Get instructions from a qualified trainer.

If you are based in Ireland check in with us soon and try to make one of our workshops where you will learn the basic movements, safely. You can take that knowledge away and start to take more control over your health and fitness. 10 minutes a day is all you need to start this type of training, surely you can spare 10 minutes? If you are from outside Ireland, i am sure there is a kettlebell trainer near you. You can find RKC instructors worldwide at

Have a great Christmas, enjoy the food, drink and parties but stay ahead of that January back to training mentality and step it up now!

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