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W.O.W. Get into shape for XMAS!

Published on 14th Nov 2010 at 17:30 by Admin

This weeks workout of the week.

Ensure you have G.P. clearance and have instruction from a qualified hardstyle instructor.

Warm up using D.R.O.M. and select  a moderate weight,Men use 16-20KG, Women use 8-12kg.

Left hand : Hang Cleans x 5

Right Hand : Push press x 5

Left hand : Swings x 5

Right hand :Front Squats x 5

This should take under 60 seconds. Rest 30 seconds and repeat the above sequence, but starting the Hang Cleans with the right hand.

Aim to do at least 14 sets, this will be a 21 minute set. Do it 2-3 times per week with a days rest in between for the next 3 weeks. Aim to increase the sets x at least 2 extra each week.

You will be in great shape for the XMAS season :)

For further help the book kettlebells, Train a Little, Gain a Lot   will be a huge help.

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