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Weight loss versus fat loss

Published on 10th Dec 2012 at 15:57 by Admin

This post is aimed at people who want weight loss. I think that the majority of people that go to fitness classes/gyms want some form of weight loss and if the instructor can sell you the idea of fat loss, then i'm sure people will have some of that too.

Are you still doing that gym program of cardio with some crappy so called weight training of 2-3 sets of 15-20/30 reps?? You have being doing this all year, right? Getting nowhere right? You are not losing weight, or fat, or worse, still weak :(

Lets address the weight loss thing first. I'm not a fan of the weight loss idea that most people have, ie: reduce the numbers on the weighing scales. This is easily done with hollywood celebrities etc., they starve themselves and reduce weight in an unhealthy way. This form of weight loss is dangerous, short term and not practical at all. You cannot maintain this and be healthy.

At FFI/kettlebellsireland we like to promote the idea of body fat reduction, getting stronger, increasing muscle and getting mobile. We like our clients to train hard and fit into clothes that they haven't fit into, in a while. So with our training we want you to look good on the outside, we want you to receive compliments from friends and family on how you look.

With our training, you should notice that you are getting stronger in training and in day to day activities. What you won't see is that you will also reduce internal body fat that is building up around your vital organs.

Don't be afraid to increase numbers on your weighing scales, yes I said increase :) When you increase muscle this will show on the scales. When you start training regularly your body will store more fuel in your muscles, this will also how up on the scales. This is a positive form of weight gain. But as these numbers might go up, you should feel stronger, more powerful, mobile and move around pain free and happy. You will feel tighter and clothes will fit you better :)

At FFI/kettlebellsireland we believe in training at high intensities for short sessions. We believe in getting ALL of our customers to see their strength potential, but in a safe and effective manner. We want you to increase lean muscle and reduce body fat. Don't confuse this with bodybuilding, our classes are not about that.

We have classes in south Dublin city, but we also have trained instructors all over Ireland. So contact us to kick off your 2013 training. Leave that gym program behind and make this your year.

Be strong in 2013

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