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Why Power Club Train?

Published on 10th Jun 2017 at 11:57 by Admin

The Power Club or Clubbell, the oldest S&C method in the world has made a comeback, and FFI™ are again proud to be leading the way in alternative, revolutionary S&C training.

Why Power Clubs?

There are many benefits to using the Power Club in your S&C training but here I will list some of the main benefits for you.

1. If you are intersted in coaching, or in fact you play Camogie, Hurling or Golf, you will find that FFI™ Power Club S&C training is a perfect addition to your sport specific training. What we have found when training Camogie or Hurling teams is that, if they happen to have a strength training room, it usually is too small to get the whole team into it together.

So what we promote is mobile S&C equipment (Power Clubs & or Kettlebells) that you can transport into the function hall or out onto the pitch and train the whole team together.

2. When you use FFI™ Power Club techniques you will see that the movements almost mimic Camogie, Hurling or Golf rotational movements. So FFI™ Power Club S&C training is sport specific to these sports.

3. With FFI™ Power Club S&C training you will develop rotational power. Generally this type of rotational power is lacking in traditional gym training, so your athletes are only strong in some planes of motion and weak in others.

4. Apart from rotational power, FFI™ Power Club S&C training will help mobilise tight shoulders, waist and hip areas. If your athlete lacks mobility, they will lack strength and power. They may also have a higher risk of injury rate.

5. Although FFI™ Power Club S&C training trains every muscle in the body, from the core out, it will also strengthen the athletes grip, wrist and forearm strength. Again another sport specific benefit to Camogie , Hurling and Golf.

6. FFI™ Power Club S&C training is an ideal addition, when combining it with pitch S&C sessions. FFI™ will typically use Power Clubs alongside speed, agility, body weight and sport specific drills. So you won't need a Power Club for every athlete. 

Since 2010 FFI™ have been training Camogie and Hurling athletes and teams with our alternative, revolutionary methods. Most sessions involve training 25-30 athletes, as in a senior Camogie or Hurling team. Other times we have managed up to 50 U16 Dublin Camogie athletes. So you will learn from our experiences how to manage big groups and what works best.

FFI™ Power Club S&C training will change the way our Camogie and Hurling athletes train. A smarter, more efficient way to their S&C training, will give the athletes more time to play the sport that they love and help reduce overtraining.

If you would like us to run a workshop for you, contact us ASAP. Checkout our latest 2 day combined Kettlebell and Power Club course, ideal for coaches.

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